Plot or Dwelling Counting

Plot Counting: The counting exercise aims at enumerating all human habitation units (plots/dwellings) in the target area. Therefore, plots with no residential house(s) and currently under cultivation should be counted. For plots with houses under construction, they should be counted as long as in the opinion of the data collector, they most probably will be occupied within the next two years. (Source: MajiData, Manual for Plot Counting).

MajiData Plot & Dwelling Counting Exercise
: In order to prepare detailed population estimates, all relevant units in an area - plots, flats, block of flats and/or dwellings (see definitions) - were counted. The total population of an area was estimated by multiplying the number of (e.g.) plots by the average number of people residing on a plot. This figure was obtained by interviewing a representative sample of dwellings and by calculating the number of dwellings/plots.