GPS, Waypoints & Tracks

GPS (Global Positioning System)
: GPS receivers will be used for the purpose of marking geo-referenced boundaries of the targeted low income areas, but also for defining geo-referenced locations of important sanitary and water supply facilities and other point-features in these areas. (Source: MajiData, GPS Data Collection Manual).

Waypoints: individual locations stored in the GPS buffer: consciously marked and stored by the user; points are independent until related as nodes along a line or polygon with GIS Software.

Tracks: continuous series of points collected automatically at regular time or distance interval.

MajiData GPS exercise: The scope of MajiData GPS-based mapping is restricted to digital capturing of the boundary map of the target area as well as marking of water and sanitation facilities and other relevant social/ economic infrastructure. The parameters for mapping are clearly defined in the MajiData User Manual for GPS-Mapping.