Very first conference (kynamende, uryn kelu, or kyz kashar)

Very first conference (kynamende, uryn kelu, or kyz kashar)

Marriage living inside Kazakhstan include an extensive a number of rituals – you start with relationships and ongoing also through the relationships night – and lots of heritage and you may unwritten statutes. Their otherwise relationship are, definitely, one of the most important incidents about longevity of people Kazakh people.

In earlier times, early marriages tend to took place if the lady is thirteen or fourteen yrs . old together with child is actually 14 or 15. There had been and additionally unions ended between family members till the delivery away from tomorrow partners. Both, in the event that an effective girl’s mothers was in fact up against good ily abducted this lady.

Some relationship life have become reduced very important (much less generally practiced) throughout the years because of changes in community and ethical criteria, together with exposure away from violent penalties (for example for abducting a bride). At the same time, almost every other culture was restored. Brand new Kazakh conventional rules (Adat) forbids e clan, as much as the latest seventh age group. Which lifestyle has been found in Kazakhstan and, because of this, many Kazakhs learn the origins for the 7th age bracket. Adat also forbids marriages if fiance is more than 8 years avove the age of new bridegroom or even the groom is over twenty five years older than the fresh new bride.

Collusion (kyz aittyru)

In dated times (and also now in a number of groups), parents already been shopping for a bride because of their child long before he hit marriageable age. It travelled from the towns, came across recognized families, and you may found out about possible brides’ ancestry and history. Whenever they discovered a suitable lady, it expressed to help you the girl moms and dads the will to complement-build. Possibly, between good friends, there can be a binding agreement so you’re able to wed for each and every other people’s future college students (bel kuda). There have been also other types of collusion towards coming relationships. A choice, called “kyz koru”, and therefore invited the young child to determine their future girlfriend, was only allowed to possess heroes and/or sons from really good household.

Relationships (kuda tusu)

The matchmaking process are difficult and you may on it several grade. The first matchmaker, called “zhaushy”, approached the brand new women’s father and you will open to support good relationship. In case the dad provided his concur, the matchmaker gave your a pony. In return, the girl’s father gave a different robe (shapan) to your matchmaker. After that, the main relationships occurred (kuda tusu). So it inside it the 2 fathers and you may family future together and having knowledgeable about per-most other, along with restaurants together about exact same pan and you may exchanging gift ideas. At the same time, a kind of relationships deal try finished. If a person of the activities later on reneged about deal, he previously to invest a superb. Fundamentally, matchmakers went to for a 3rd time (bata ayak) to talk about everything of the future matrimony, such as the go out, expenses, and you can dowry. At the end of the latest dating techniques, the newest groom’s front side delivered kalyn mal, something special in the way of cows or horses. Getting poor family members, standard is five or six cows, when you are rich family members possess delivered an effective herd of 1,one hundred thousand ponies.

Adopting the matchmaking techniques, the long run groom you may visit the upcoming bride-to-be on earliest big date. The guy first must posting something special (oli tiri) to display admiration toward bride’s family, then he might look at the village where the bride-to-be stayed. Centered on customized, the brand new groom went in the evening if it is actually dark, purportedly when you look at the magic. The following day there clearly was a general event having dances and you can music, the students few must know for every single-other, plus the lady offered the long term bridegroom a beneficial handkerchief since the an excellent manifestation of the girl purity. If the, after that conference, possibly this new boy or girl would not proceed towards matrimony, the medial side one to rejected must come back most of the gifts and spend a fine.

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