Which motivations drive mobile daters so you’re able to ghost? (RQ1)

Which motivations drive mobile daters so you’re able to ghost? (RQ1)

Once again, respondents was basically served with the phrase ghosting and requested to suggest how often participants ghosted most other relationship application pages (Yards = 2.17, SD = step one.59) and exactly how usually they feel almost every other matchmaking software pages ghost (Yards = step 3.51, SD = 0.88) on a level ranging from 0 = To not 5 = That often.

Face-to-face contact

Participants (letter = 211) indicated whether they saw the person who ghosted them face-to-face having answer kinds no (0) and you will sure (1; 52.1%).

Time of get in touch with

Respondents (n = 211) shown the duration of the latest contact till the other individual ghosted having respond to classes (1) a few circumstances otherwise quicker (letter = 9), (2) 24 hours (n = 9), (3) a short time (letter = 26), (4) each week (letter = 32), (5) a month or more (letter = 77), (6) a month (letter = 25), (7) months (letter = 27), (8) six months to a-year (n = 4), (9) longer than annually (letter = 2) (M = 4.77; SD = step one.62).

Intensity of this new get in touch with

The brand new intensity of this new contact was mentioned playing with a size ranging from = most sporadically to help you eight = most intense (n = 211; Yards = 4.98; SD = step 1.42).

Amount of intimate closeness

An effective categorical varying was utilized to measure quantity of intimate intimacy which have answers anywhere between not one (letter = 136), mild (i.elizabeth., making out and https://datingranking.net/de/beautifulpeople-review/ intimate touching, n = 25) and major (i.elizabeth., dental, vaginal otherwise anal intercourse, letter = 47). Around three participants failed to want to show this particular article.

Span citation

Two items from Afifi and Metts’s (1998) violated expectedness scale were used to measure whether the respondents (n = 208) expected the ghosting to occur (1 = completely expected; 7 = not at all expected; M = 5.50; SD = 1.67) and how surprised they were that the ghosting occurred (1 = not at all surprised; 7 = very surprised; M = 5.38; SD = 1.70). These items were highly correlated (Pearson’s r = .69; p < .001) and had good reliability (Cronbach's ? = .82; M = 5.44; SD = 1.55).


Participants (n = 207) ranked how boring the ghosting experience are (anywhere between 0 = not terrifically boring so you’re able to 10 = very incredibly dull; Yards = six.03; SD = 2.67).


Because demonstrated regarding the means point, into earliest browse concern, i used thematic research to identify emerging themes related to causes why mobile daters ghost. They certainly were supplemented from the a beneficial logistic regression study in which i tested affairs predicting that have ghosted anybody else towards the relationships software within the order to answer the initial one or two hypotheses. Similarly, towards next browse concern, i utilized thematic study to determine various consequences out-of ghosting and various coping elements regarding ghostees. Once more, this type of qualitative findings was basically followed by a decimal regression studies to help you sample hypotheses related to products contributing to experience ghosting much more fantastically dull.

To fully discover reasons to ghost, i earliest questioned ghostees (n = 217) to involved towards as to why it imagine they were ghosted, and this i next compared having ghosters’ (n = 142) reasons to ghost anyone else. For ghostees, three main themes emerged that summarize as to why it think these were ghosted just like the informed me below.

Fault toward most other (ghoster)

A fairly large proportion of those who have been ghosted (letter = 128; 59%) attributed one another for ghosting them. It believe the fresh new ghoster are communicating with, matchmaking, or perhaps in a love with others (n = 60); it discussed this new ghoster since an individual who had “issues” and thus could not invest in new relationships dating at that minute (letter = 43). Multiple respondents plus expressed their rage by detailing the latest ghoster as the someone who is actually childish, cowardly, sluggish, rude, or disrespectful to have ghosting him or her (n = 29). Ultimately, certain players showed that the fresh ghoster is actually not any longer curious otherwise as well hectic (n = 27).

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